Financing the Pacific Northwest since 1994.


Craft3 wanted to update its customer experience. The redesigned experience features customer success stories through strong imagery and content. Craft3 is passionate about the families, non-profits, and small business that they work with, and the updated experience keeps their mission at the forefront.

  • Role

  • UX/ UI Designer
  • Development
  • Skills & tools

  • User flows
  • UX design
  • HTML, CSS, Javascript
  • Shipped

  • September 2016


The new website needed to primarlity serve two main customers, borrowers and investors. To thoroughly and engagingly educate audiences about the loan process, terms, payments and support, the company values and UI needed to be clear and concise. Users should be able to see the success stories that come from situations and investments like theirs. The stories should be compelling, include real people and real results.


  1. 1. Competitive

  2. 2. Brand Goals

  3. 3. IA and journey     mapping

  4. 4. UX/UI design

Competitive Analysis

A competitive and brand analysis was done to determine how to best position Craft3 against it’s competitors, and clearly communicate their mission and offerings to their customers.


  • 1.

    Emotionally engaging visuals
  • 4.

    Professional, yet friendly messaging
  • 2.

    Yes, we can help
  • 5.

    Speak to inspire
  • 3.

    Let others speak for you

Brand Goals

It was important for the Craft3 brand to evolve with the updated website. Strong visuals, authentic success stories, and simple language in their communications was vital to the refresh.


  • 1.

    Quality desktop and mobile experience
  • 4.

    Simple and easy navigation
  • 2.

    Become more emotionally engaging with strong imagery
  • 5.

    Highlight key partners and investors
  • 3.

    Build more awareness around success stories

Information Architecture

Craft3’s IA and navigation was extremely confusing, and unorderly. Users had trouble navigating the website, and had a particularily tough time applying for a loan. We simplified the experinece by creating explicit navigation headings, and clear informational hierarchy.

UX/ UI design

Strong imagery was needed to create an emotionally engaging experience with their customers. This was achieved with simplicity and clarity with brand personality.


Its main focus is promoting Craft3 as a helpful organization with impact across Washington and Oregon. It also has a more direct route to specific office locations. This is helpful to both borrowers and investors in educating Craft3’s mission, goals and solutions.

UI direction

This design relies on engaging and personal content as a hook to direct users into learning more about Craft3 as a solution.