The Most Complete Quality Management Software for the Life Sciences


SmartSolve is a suite of quality management software solutions engineered for the Life Sciences. Delivered on a compliance-ready platform, SmartSolve provides closed-loop process integration.

  • Role

  • UX Designer
  • Tools

  • Sketch
  • Invision
  • Zeplin
  • Jira
  • Date Delivered

  • Initial rollout in 2020


Update Smartsolve as a process management tool used in the development of pharmaceuticals. Using ADS components create workflows intuitive to both new and current users to make their actions confident and efficient.


  1. 1. Research

  2. 2. Design

  3. 3. Test


Deconstructed the products into users, user flows, processes, sitemaps and individual components. Listened to sales pitches, user interviews and product demos to gain a better understanding of user needs and business goals.


My team and I traveled to Tampa multiple times to meet with stakeholders to review user testing, flows and interviews. We were able to workshop ideas for solutions. Together we created storyboards, solutions sketch, workflows and interactions.


I created wireframes and prototypes of each workflow scenario with multiple user types. Designs were presented and reviewed with stakeholders weekly.


Designs were prototyped and demoed during an event with real users of the product to collect feedback in person. Follow up interviews and demos were done throughout the design and implementation process. This feedback directly influenced many of our design descisions.


  • 1.

    The new layout is intuitive for people used to the system, and for new users who are familiar with Microsoft (almost all)
  • 4.

    Good contacts for additional testing and research - customers are excited about being part of the process, once they understand the value of UX
  • 2.

    Lots of enthusiasm for new design
  • 5.

    Very useful feedback on granular UI details
  • 3.

    Want personalization and interactivity for dashboards


I worked directly with UI designers and developers on a daily basis to see the final solutions through, and make sure the experience is not compromised.